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  • Funding
    • National Institute of Health [grant number R21/R33 GM078601 awarded to Dr. Dong Xu].
    • National Science Foundation-Plant Genome Research Program [grant number DBI-0604439 awarded to Dr. Jay J. Thelen].
  • The following programs were integrated into Musite with the program authors' permission. Please ask for their permissions before further redistributing these programs.
    • SVMlight
      Joachims T., Making large-Scale SVM Learning Practical. Advances in Kernel Methods - Support Vector Learning, B. Schölkopf and C. Burges and A. Smola (ed.), MIT-Press, 1999.
    • VSL2B
      Peng K., Radivojac P., Vucetic S., Dunker A.K., and Obradovic Z., Length-Dependent Prediction of Protein Intrinsic Disorder, BMC Bioinformatics 7:208, 2006.
    • CD-HIT
      Li W., Godzik A., Cd-hit: a fast program for clustering and comparing large sets of protein or nucleotide sequences, Bioinformatics 22:1658, 2006.
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